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At Sonali Solar, we are not here because we heard of a new fad. Solar power to us is not a trend or a movement. We look up at the sky every day, and we see an unlimited source of power. We look at the faces of our friends and family, and we see the need to start something.

Sonali Solar was started in 2007, by a group of brothers who started to notice the energy climate around them. Born, raised, and educated in India, The Desai’s now do business based out of New Jersey; globally the conversation of solar is shifting. After successfully starting and maintaining a wholesale diamond distribution, and commercial real estate companies in India and the US for over 50 years, the Desai’s decide to enter into a new venture, solar module manufacturing.

It is now 2013, and Sonali Solar owns and operates one of the most state-of-the-art solar manufacturing facilities in the world. With our fully automated production line, Sonali Solar manufactures modules from 3 to 300 watts, without them ever touching a human hand. While the majority of our production is focused on modules from 230 to 300 watts, we also manufacture smaller modules for customers with detailed specifications, ensuring that our products can be seamlessly integrated into operation. In order to make certain that every module we construct produces as much electricity as possible, each module passes through an electroluminescence (EL) tester twice before leaving the factory.

Sonali Solar is constantly working to improve production, and integrate new technologies into our products. From internal research and development, to forming integral business partnerships, our top priority is making sure our product is at, or above, the quality of the best equipment on the market.

Now we are starting The Sundial; our new blog operating as your window into our world. If you ask most solar professionals what the biggest roadblock is to mass adoption of solar power by the public, and they will tell you one thing: Education. We at Sonali Solar know how solar power works, and how to make it work for you. There is no secret or mystery to the solar market, and The Sundial is here to offer as much clarity and information on the subject as possible.

Welcome to Sonali Solar, Energy Inspired By Nature.

-Daniel Resnick

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  1. I thank you so much… your blog was very informative….I am a newcomer and currently researching on how i can start a solar business in my home land Jamaica…I currently live in New Jersey and have a business background….any help I would greatly appreciate…thanks in advance.

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